Most of us think selling our music online is quite difficult, but it is not. You would sell your music online if you know the little tricks to use.

In this post, I would give you some simple tips to sell your music online.


  1. YouTube. The mistake most people make is not seeing YouTube as a resource for selling your music. YouTube is more like your marketing point. You can use YouTube to encourage your viewers to get your music or album.
  2. Mailing List. Don’t underestimate the power of mailing list. The fact is that email marketing is 40 times as strong as twitter and Facebook combined. People who are reminded about upcoming releases and show continually will be your greatest fans. Don’t forget to include links to your online store.
  3. Discount codes. If you want to gain customers, give them free things, a discount or start a contest. Giving a discount to your new subscribers is a good way to keep them.
  4. Sell direct through websites. The truth is if you have an album, or if you are selling your music you should have a way for your fans to buy the album through your website. If you don’t have a way for your fans to buy them directly from your website, you should get a way.
  5. Sale pricing. You should use holidays, special occasions and festivals to your advantage. For example during Valentine’s Day, you can sell your album of love songs for 25% off. You can also include it with an order of flowers. This is one of the best ways to get more sales. Although it is a lot of work, if it keeps your customers engaged, it is worth it.
  6. Pre-orders. For people that are really into your music, there is something so special about being able to order for an album even before it comes out. It makes them feel so special and ahead of the game. You can sell pre-orders of your albums through your website. iTunes also allows you to sell your digital alum pre-orders with the option of rewarding your fans with an advance single. Your fans will not let this pass by.
  7. Back catalog deals + bundles. We all have this first album that we hate. Sometimes we even embarrassed to let your close friends listen to it. It happens. But don’t be surprised when your fans tell you they love it. Try putting the album out and see what happens.