E-learning is growing every day; most students prefer learning online because it is flexible and easier to learn from. People can also learn from their home through e-learning.

This is where you make money. If you are an expert in a field, you can use e-learning to your advantage. You can create online courses and make money from it. But the big question is “how can you create a money making course online?” it is quite simple to create online courses if you know the tricks.

Here, I would show you how to create a money-making course online.

  1. Think of your course content. People have been making cool money online by selling eBooks, but times are changing, and eBooks are no longer very lucrative. If you want to cool make money online now, you must be selling more than just eBooks; you would need to sell an online course. However creating an online course that contains more than eBook takes time and patience, but if you want to create a course that would be relevant, it should include videos.
  1. Record videos. You should record videos of your online course. You stand in front of the camera and record yourself or let someone record you. If you have solid information on your computer that you want to share, you can record your computer screen using Camtasia.
  1. Get a website. If you want to create an online course, you surely need a website. You can create a website with WordPress. Make sure you add powerful content to your website. Make sure that the content talks about your course and the benefit they can get from you. On your website, you should have an “about” page that would explain who you are, your credentials, your experience and why people should let you teach them.
  1. Set up a payment system and membership registration. After you have created your website, it is essential to add a payment system to your website. You can download a plug-in that would allow you accept payments from customers. There are lots of WordPress plug-ins that would handle payments and membership registration for you. So it is cool!
  1. Create your course content. Since you have created your website and set up your payment system and membership registration, you should think deeply of the content you want to put in your course. You should make sure your content is of a high standard.